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Currently Lab Tech offers the following in our service region:

* Full Service, Calibration and Certification Only Services and Repairs 1Balance

Laboratory Balances incl. Analytical Balances, Top Loading Balances, Moisture Balances and Compact Balances
Precision Industrial Scales
(calibration and service procedures followed, 90 - 180 day travel/labor service guaranty)

* Calibration and Certification Only Services and Repairs 2

Low Capacity Industrial Scales
(scale indicators are usually sealed and have no serviceable parts)

For Sales and Service of Industrial Scales, Pallet Scales, Tank and Hopper Scales and Chlorine Scales, please visit  Smart Scale Solutions. Service can be ordered through Lab Tech or Smart Scale.

* Calibration/Certification Services and Repairs (benchtop temperature related equipment)

       Ovens        Autoclaves         Waterbaths        Furnaces    

* Certification ServicesRefrigerator

                   Refrigerators                Incubators          Freezers

1) Some repairs may be subcontracted to companies that specialize in electronic balance repairs.
2) Larger scale calibrations (pallet, tank, etc.) and some repairs may be performed by one of our partners.
(No up charge on any subcontracted work.).

* Through agreements with several companies to cover the service and repair not performed by our technicians we can now offer you service for nearly all your laboratory equipment and instruments with  one telephone number, one purchase order and one invoice.
* If you have a large quantity of instruments and need the service completed in a short time period or have multiple locations throughout the USA, we have more than 20 balance service and 5 scale and instrument affiliates working with us to accommodate you. 
* All weights, thermocouples, indicators, reagents, standards and thermometers are NIST traceable. 

We are considering ISO 17025 certification. Until then, Lab Tech can provide all the documentation required by any auditing agency, including state and federal Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA, EPD, ADEM, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and ISO registrars. (sample calibration reports). Customers with 20 or more balances can receive their calibration reports in a binder, indexed 3 ways, by report number, department and model/serial number. We can also provide the reports in PDF form on a CD or by e -mail so any report needed during an audit can be found easily.  If requested, after two services a brief history (unique to Lab Tech) of the “as found” condition of the balance will be included on the report. This allows you to see any problem trends and to adjust the frequency of calibration checks so the unit never goes out of tolerance.

We shop and field stock more replacement parts than any other balance field service company in the US allowing us to do many repairs on site during the routine visit or emergency call and a very fast turnaround time for shop repairs. If a comparable loaner is needed while we have your balance in for repair, we can provide one for a flat rate for as long as we have your balance; no daily or weekly charges.

Through agreements with several manufacturers and balance repair companies, Lab Tech can now offer a flat rate shop repair of $300.00 for most balances, including electronic repairs and rebuilding cells.  This rate applies whether Lab Tech or a sub-contractor does the repair. At this time, the only exceptions are damaged single (one piece) block and hybrid cells and external parts (eg. housings, keyboard foils and overlays and glass).  To qualify for this flat rate, all balances at your location, including the damaged units must be serviced/calibrated by Lab Tech service reps or subcontractors the previous two consecutive years.
EXCEPTION (PRECISA): We offer a $400 Flat Rate Repair for Precisa 280, 290, 300, 320 and 480 series balances to non-routine service customers. ($300 for our scheduled customers)

For a service or repair quotation, please call us at 770-794-4450 or email us at To see if you are in our scheduled service territory, please see the service map.

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