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Click the following links to view sample calibration reports for balances and scales, regulated temperature equipment and weights.

How we generate these reports.

Balances: The initial and final readings are handwritten on the service reports during the service and entered in the database.  The software calculates the difference from our NIST traceable “corrections” and the % error.  If known, the causes for the initial errors are noted and any adjustments made are also entered on the report.

Temperature: We place our thermocouples and thermometers in the instrument and allow enough time for them to stabilize (usually 20 minutes, noted). We then record the temperature and calculate the difference from our corrected temperatures.

Weights: Using a balance stable and accurate enough to get a std dev. of less than 4 * 10-n (n = # of decimals displayed),  we compare each weight with ours 5X and enter the average on the service report. The difference is calculated from our “corrections”. WE DO NOT ADJUST WEIGHTS.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Also, we recommend you have your weights certified by a metrology lab at least every other year. (Lab Tech is an authorized dealer for Rice Lake Weighing Systems and Heusser Neweigh.) Call us for pricing

Sample Calibration Reports:

Balances & Scales

Balance Calibration Report
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