Thank you for considering Lab Tech for your next purchase. From laboratory balances to weighing accessories, we offer some of the finest laboratory equipment available at very competitive prices.  If you are in our “local” service area we can deliver, setup, configure and calibrate (DSCC) any instrument we sell. The documents needed for your ISO program are provided at no additional charge. If you are not in our local area there is no charge for DSCC if we can arrange to do it during either an emergency or routine service visit to your area or configure and calibrate the unit prior to shipment.   If ISO documentation is not required and the unit is not in our stock we may drop ship it from the manufacturer’s warehouse.

F or help in answering any of these questions and other situations please contact us or ask your Lab Tech service technician.

Precisa, the only balance company with the R&D, quality control and ALL manufacturing at one location....Swiss Made...Swiss Quality. Precisa is also the market leader in many countries of the world, including France,  Korea, Taiwan and others. Precisa, The Balance of Quality.

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A&D Balances Analytical Balances; Top Loading Balances

AND Weighing, an ISO 9001 certified company, designs and manufactures a complete line of electronic balances, scales, viscometers, moisture analyzers, weighing indicators and controllers. AND has just introduced NTEP approved, Legal for Trade Prescription and Compounding balances, the GF-200P and GF-300P (1mg). AND..Clearly a Better Value.

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Ohaus Balances Analytical Balances; Top Loading Balances

Ohaus Corporation, with more than 90 years of experience, is a leading manufacturer of scales and balances for the laboratory, education, industrial  and specialty markets worldwide. Ohaus Balances and Scales

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Lab Tech is an authorized dealer for the following manufacturers.

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Radwag, an ISO 9001:2000 registered company, manufactures and offers a wide range of modern electronic balances, industrial and medical scales, weighbridges and checkweighers. The Radwag products range from ultra-microbalances of (d=0,1 µg, Max=2  g) to high capacity weighbridges (Max=60000kg, d=20 kg) to complex and non-standard  mechanical weighing systems,adjusted to individual user requirements like: dosing systems, formula making and filling systems.

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